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To the right is a form to fill out if you'd like to offer a deal to our fans! We bring tens of thousands of people IN town or TO town for Festival weekend who want to hear, see, taste, and do alllllll the things Cincinnati has to offer! 

We're a small business too and we know that radio ads and large paid partnerships don't work for everyone... But we want to help support you as a local business! All you have to do is offer a deal or add on bonus to our fans during the weekend of CMF. (Thursday July 20- Sunday July 23)


PLEASE NOTE: We will list your deal FREE on this website (we will not be hosting an event app this year) and will choose businesses to highlight on social media based on the offering! 

We’d love to see you at our next conference...
How will you attend?
Is this your first time attending?

Thanks for considering offering a deal to CMF Fans! We will email you once your deal is live!

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